Arieshof | Sustainable organic holidays in South Tyrol - Italy

A matter of the heart

Leave lasting impressions. Create meaningful family experiences.
Live sustainability. Experience togetherness. Create memories for both young and old.

A very special living environment has been created in San Lorenzo near Brunico.
A new world of experiences for families, children and couples.

Arieshof –
with cosy apartments; with an organic farm, its own pond and forest; and with the potential to become something very special (in your life).

A place of inspiration. A place for enjoyment.
A place for being together. For you and for us.

Feed cows

A new kind of holiday...

  • An organic farm combined with the comfort of a hotel
  • A world of experiences for families, children and couples
  • Generously equipped apartments
  • A family atmosphere with that certain something
  • Regional, high-quality cuisine with farm products
  • Great additional offers for young and old
  • ... and much more ...
Apartments & rooms

A home on holiday for families

A home on holiday for families

A home on holiday for families

A home on holiday for families

Apartment Natura

ca. 50 m²size
from € 488,00apartment/night

Arieshof Living environment

Experience diversity. Appreciate difference. Leave everything as it was found. A new kind of holiday: An ambience that invites young and old to come, participate, relax and perceive with all their senses ...

Freedom means that you do not have to do everything like everyone else.

The enjoyment culture of San Lorenzo

While people are still arguing about taste elsewhere, everyone at Arieshof has long been in agreement: unique taste experiences are the order of the day – and they never become commonplace. Get away from the ordinary, move towards new horizons of enjoyment. With regional, seasonal and organic ingredients, mostly from our own production.

Being together with others, you are never alone.
Or as William Shakespeare said:
“Enjoy yourself in company, lively conversation spices up a feast.”

Nature & Regeneration

Treat yourself to a break in Arieshof that will invigorate and inspire you. Experience deep relaxation from head to toe. Find peace and harmony.

Nature & Regeneration

The outdoor play area

Barefoot through the dewy grass. Climb peaks. Get on your bike. See your children’s eyes light up. Excursions, adventures and experiences are waiting for you.


Today in the farm post...

It’s flour time: The mill at Arieshof

The mill at Arieshof
To the mill …

You can stock up on noodles, bread, cakes, flour and various pasta products in our farm shop.