Sustainability: Green energy, organic farming & social project - South Tyrol

Everything goes hand in hand

We promote diversity, appreciate the difference of each individual, create potential, let ideas grow and thrive. We want to shape this special place and what it has to offer in such a way that the next generation can also benefit from it. At Arieshof we break new, innovative and sometimes unconventional ground in order to make our contribution to a complete rethinking of the world.

Sustainable way of living


Carefulness. Appreciation. Respect. Sustainability.

... are important to us, both in relation to our resources and in dealing with people and animals. Leave lasting holiday impressions, offer meaningful opportunities, promote conscious togetherness, offer an independent agricultural, educational and social project and build a sustainable world together. Let us inspire you (sustainably) ...

Leave everything
as it was found.

- unknown


Green energy: From nature, of course

Flora and fauna, humans and animals. The attention to detail is everywhere – the mutual support, the cohesion, the care and appreciation and the avoidance of waste.

Our motto, our philosophy, our vocation.

  • Autonomous: Highest possible degree of self-sufficiency in terms of energy supply
  • Grounding: Generation of clean energy, photovoltaic & wood chip system (own wood)
  • Innovation: Hydrogen storage facility from GKN Sinter Metals (Hy2Green) at the farm
Farm work girl

Organic farming: It’s good to know where it comes from

On our certified organic farm, the protection of biodiversity, the careful treatment of the environment and all of nature’s treasures have top priority. We attach great importance to the cultivation of special varieties as well as products of unique quality.

  • Preservation of soil fertility: We do not use artificial fertilisers; we use our own compost
  • Soil culture: Use of gentle tillage equipment, protection of beneficial insects
  • Feed: Feed from the farm, bedding with straw from the farm 
Momo cat

Happy Animals at Arieshof: Explore our stables

Large stable areas, daily exercise in the pastures and species-appropriate animal husbandry contribute to the fact that cows (Pustertal Sprinzen in suckler cow husbandry), horses (coming soon), free-range chickens, cats, dogs and various small animals (petting zoo) feel right at home with us.

  • Discover: Stable tours, experience day “A day as a farmer”
  • Watch: Chickens laying eggs, feeding rabbits
  • Love: Stroke cats and dogs, get to know the petting zoo
  • Experience: Horse trekking tour, horseback ride (coming soon)

Real life
is an encounter.

- Martin Buber

Social project: Humanity matters

Sustainability means: living and developing without exhausting the natural resources of the future. These resources include not only the environment, but also people. In a professional setting, people like you and us get the chance for equality, exchange, support and access to environmental education. Arieshof becomes a living environment and a place where individual growth is possible at any time.

Our wish for the future?

It should become a matter of course that everyone learns to accept others as they are, but at the same time helping them in their personal development and not leaving them behind. Whether guests with children, employees or socially disadvantaged employees from our work integration project.

Shh! There is still something to discover here!

San Lorenzo enjoyment
San Lorenzo enjoyment

Today in the farm post...

It’s flour time: The mill at Arieshof

The mill at Arieshof
To the mill …

You can stock up on noodles, bread, cakes, flour and various pasta products in our farm shop.