Further training offers: Conferences & seminars at the Arieshof - South Tyrol

For companies

At Arieshof we offer companies the opportunity to get creative far away from the stress of everyday worklife. Wheter for leadership meetings, strategy sessions or team-building activities, the arieshof offers the ideal environment for your company event. 

We also regularly host specialised conferences and workshops on various topics.

For universities, educational and research centres

... we offer year-round the opportunity to devote yourself to various research questions in cooperation with the school at the farm.

For our knowledge

Continuing education
  • Rental of the conference room for workshops and conferences 
  • Specific professional further training offers for companies and others.
  • Individually adapted educational offers for companies (e.g. team building and coaching)

As an additional service we offer business lunch, coffee breaks and menues for special events including accomodation.

Children on the farm

For school classes, children and youth groups

... we offer free space at the arieshof to experience agriculture, nature and community. We offer programmes for holiday during the day as well as in the form of stays of several days for groups of children and young people from home and abroad. School classes can benefit from everyday life at the Arieshof: in the barn, in the field or in the product processing area, many nature-oriented and valuable experiences await. Together with the experts on site, an individual education and experience package is put together for groups. The classroom is placed in the middle of nature and the focus is on community and individual experience.

  • Insight and active participation on the farm: Kids and young people learn about organic farming. They get the opportunity to participate in the food production processes to discover the added value of our food and learn about sustainability.
  • Playfully grow in themselves and in the group: During the time at the Arieshof, individual talents and potentials can freely unfold and the personality and motivation of the individual is promoted. Living together, the experiential exercises and achieving goals together promote problem-solving skills, communication and the dynamics of the class or group.
  • Interactive learning at Arieshof: Understanding natural interrelationships and the cycle of nature, taking responsibility, learning respect, appreciation and mindfulness towards plants, animals, fellow human beings and above all ourselves.

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San Lorenzo enjoyment
San Lorenzo enjoyment

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